About Us

Our objectives


  • Champion, achieve and sustain a greater degree of deployment of methane emission reduction solutions and technologies throughout the oil and gas industry in Canada;

  • Promote clean, efficient, and cost effective means of reducing operating costs and minimizing regulatory compliance costs for oil and gas producers;

  • Elevate public awareness and profile of methane emission reduction technologies;

  • Educate all levels of government and industry organizations on the value, applicability, and performance results of methane emission reduction technologies;

  • Collaborate with government on pragmatic design of key methane emission reduction policies and regulatory mechanisms;

  • Complement, support and initiate relationships with mutual stakeholders and partners of methane emissions management.

The Methane Emissions Leadership Alliance members consist of businesses that develop, manufacture, or deploy commercial technologies that help reduce methane emissions across the spectrum of industry needs. From detection, measurement and repair of methane leaks, to emissions at the well-head, at gathering stations, in processing, and in transmission and distribution, our members provide the services, solutions, and data critical to sound methane emissions management. ​​

Through strategic partnerships, innovation, and collaboration, we are partners in methane emissions management practices throughout the oil and gas industry.